International AAI camp | 2024

TIME: 22.06.2024 – 29.06.2024
PLACE: Centrum Szkoleń i Konferencji Geovita w Jadwisinie (k. Warszawy)
ORGANIZERS: Stowarzyszenie Zwierzęta Ludziom, Dyrebar Omsorg

Join us at the AAI Camp, a brilliant opportunity to exchange experiences, engage in theoretical discussions, and expand your network with practitioners from across Europe – a perfect blend of professional growth and fun!

Why should you join us?

  • 50 hours of top-notch training and development
  • Professional dog training every day
  • Exciting opportunity to meet international experts
  • Excellent platform to share your own experiences



Who can join?

We welcome human-dog teams at all levels: beginners, advanced, and experienced! Whether you are aiming for certification as a Visiting, Educational, or Therapeutic team, or looking to enhance your competencies (for example, you’re already a Visiting team, and want to become a Therapeutic team), we’ve got you covered!

Teams with young dogs (under 2 years) can join our Development Training scheme, even if you’re not ready for certification yet.

If you’re a team keen on growth, keen to explore new forms and methods of working in Animal-Assisted Interventions, we offer a dynamic and enriching learning environment. Join us on this exciting journey!

About the camp:

  • We work in small seminar groups under the professional guidance of AAI instructors from the Netherlands, Norway, and Poland. Benefit from our larger group workshops and supervision sessions that provide diverse perspectives and shared knowledge.

  • Prepare yourself for Professional Certification and take part in International AAI Professional Exams, all within a supportive and enriching learning environment.

  • Beyond the structured sessions, enjoy your downtime by the water, during walks with your dog, and during our social activities. Here, learning doesn’t stop when the seminar ends; it’s woven into every shared moment and memory.

  • Come, be part of a community that values professional growth and personal connection, in equal measures!

The general program of the camp:

Every day, immerse yourself in a comprehensive program that includes:

  • Dog Training: 3 hours
  • AAI-specific workshops: 2 hours
  • Supervisory meetings in AAI work: 1 hour

In total, you will be part of an intense 50-hour experience designed to challenge, inspire, and equip you for your journey in AAI.

An intensive and valuable programme

Join us for 50 hours of premium growth opportunity: individual, in small subgroups, and during group supervision, all under the watchful eyes of experienced AAI instructors. Brace yourself for various training forms, workshops, dog work, and patient work. It’s an exchange of invaluable experiences, a chance to learn from the best! This is an ideal opportunity to forge new collaborations, partnerships, or acquaintances. It’s an excellent occasion to observe diverse forms of work, methodologies, different dogs, and a wide range of handlers. Don’t miss out on this enriching adventure!

International instructor team!

Anna Smorczewska-Kiljan, Mari-Louise Asp,  Grete Moene, Line Sandstedt,
Agata Bagdach, 
Mandy van Laar, Magdalena Nawarecka-Piątek, Sabina Złotorowicz


  • Prime-time offer (registration before 10th of July 2023): 870 EUR, 200 EUR payed immediately, 670 EUR up to February 2023
  • Early bird (registration before 20th of December 2023): 970 EUR
  • Regular price: 1150 EUR
 Price includes:
  • all seminars, workshops, and supervisory sessions that form the core of our program
  • comfortable accommodation in a single room,
  • meals and drinks (water, coffee, tea7
Can I join?

Requirements for handlers

We are dedicated to providing an enriching and challenging experience, and as such, we have certain participation requirements. These include:

  1. Completion of an online theoretical course before the camp, tailored to the specific level of certification you’re aiming for. For example, if you’re striving for the Visiting Team certification, you would need to complete the corresponding online course before attending the camp.

  2. Proficiency in English at a communicative level is necessary for participation.

  3. For those aiming for the Educational or Therapeutic Team levels, there are additional prerequisites. These include possessing relevant education, competencies or experience in fields such as education, psychology, caregiving, therapy, physiotherapy, or medicine.

  4. For the Visiting Team level, while specialized education is not mandatory, it is highly welcomed.

We offer the option to purchase the required theoretical course separately, and as a camp participant, you will receive a 50% discount on this online course. Upon booking your camp participation, you will receive a discount code to apply to the online course of your choice from our platform.

All these requirements are designed to ensure that each participant can fully benefit from the camp and maintain the high professional standards of our programs.

Can my dog join?

Requirements for dogs

    1. Basic Obedience: To participate in our sessions, dogs must have a good grasp of basic obedience. This is fundamental to ensuring the safety and productivity of our activities.

    2. Age Requirement: If you are aiming to certify your team, your dog must be at least two years old on the day of the examination.

    3. PADA Test: For those looking to certify their team, passing the PADA test is a requisite. You can undertake the PADA test at the start of the camp (the test is included in the camp fee).

    If you’re joining for developmental training only (without examination and certification), there are no specific age or PADA test requirements.

    These requirements are crucial to ensure a harmonious and effective learning environment for all participants and their canine partners.

International Certification

“After successfully passing the practical examination, we award an International Professional Certificate, accompanied by a supplement detailing the qualifications of the team.

We issue these documents in English. This makes our certification internationally recognizable and ensures that your skills and qualifications can be understood by professionals across the globe.”

Informacje dodatkowe

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Discover the advantage of our "Prime-Time Offer"! By registering for the AAI Camp before the 10th of July 2023, you can take advantage of our special pricing that includes a generous €280 discount. Don't wait, seize this golden opportunity and step into the future of Animal Assisted Interventions. Make your passion your profession! Register now!


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