Dogs in animal-assisted therapy and education




The aim of the conference

The aim of the conference is to promote a good quality standard in AAI. Mostly - informing about the standards of dog-assisted therapy and education. A very important issue raised at the conference will be the welfare of working dogs – based on their behaviour and needs.

Our core value

We know that an animal-assisted intervention can be a very effective form of therapy and education. It may support people with disabilities, children with learning difficulties, people with social deficits, elderly patients and many more. We know, that the animal is our partner, and that a good intervention is based on respect, cooperation and trust. We want to share the knowledge about good quality standards in animal-assisted therapy and education with all countries, and work together to make AAI even more beneficial – not only for humans but for animals as well.

Date: 16th-17th November 2019

Location: Warsaw, Poland

Fee: Free for participants (places are limited, registration needed)

Speakers will be not only experts from partner organizations but also representatives of other European institutions using AAI, scientists working with dogs and researchers studying dog behaviour.  We are still working on the program. Not only the lectures will be provided.  Workshops and panel discussions are planned  as well.

Meet our speekers:

Marie-Jose Enders-Slegers, PhD has been Professor in Anthrozoology at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences at the Open University in Heerlen, the Netherlands, since June 2013. She successively obtained her Doctoral Diploma Psychology (1990) at the University of Utrecht; a Doctorate (PhD) in Psychology (2000); a Diploma Health Care Psychologist (2001), Certificates Basic- and Senior Lecturer (2003) at the Utrecht University and until now numerous post doctorate courses for further qualifications in research and clinical psychology. She specialized in human-animal interactions. Her research is focused on the development of human animal relations and the meaning of human-animal interactions for vulnerable people (e.g. elderly, demented elderly, traumatized children, mentally handicapped people, children with psychiatric disorders, autistic children, and psychiatric patients) and on the link between domestic violence and animal abuse. Furthermore, she was founder and is nowadays adviser of AAIZOO (Animal Assisted Interventions in Zorg (Care), Onderzoek (Research), Onderwijs (Education); is Founder and Board member of The Circle of Violence in the Netherlands, is Fellow at the Denver University; has been member of the Expert Advisory Group Sociology of the CALLISTO project of the European Union (until 2016), is founder and board member of IVA, (Institute for Anthrozoology in the Netherlands) and is boardmember ( ex officio) of ISAZ (International Society of Anthrozoology), is on the advisory council of Green Chimneys, Brewster, N.Y. and at HABRI Central Management Advisory Board, U.S.A

Tynke de Winkel is trained as biochemist, as animal behavior specialist and works as a part time researcher at the Open University, department Anthrozoology since 2018. She works in the Institute for 2 years and works in the field for about 12 years. She teaches many courses in the Netherlands ( animal behavior and animal wellbeing) and participated in courses in Turkey and Croatia on AAI.

Christine Olsen is founder of the Norwegian Centre of Anthrozoology and chair leader of the board. Dr. Olsen is group head of “Small animals in visiting programs” in the IAHAIO Taskforce. She has a master degree in ethology, and a PhD in public health focusing on animal-assisted interventions. Dr. Olsen is also a dog behaviorist and dog trainer, and screen dogs personality. She is currently doing research on dog behavior.

Line Sandstedt is managing director of the Norwegian Centre of Anthrozoology. She is a lector in science and a postgraduate in special needs education and coaching. Sandstedt is also a dog behaviourist and dog trainer, and screen dogs personality for AAI. Sandstedt gives courses in dog training both nationally and internationally. She is responsible for all of the education given by AZS, both dog training and training of human-animal teams. Line has worked for the organization since 2006.

Magdalena Nawarecka-Piątek - President of Animals for People Association. Graduate of Warsaw University, specialization in social policy and pedagogy care and upbringing with educational therapy. Educationist, sensory integration therapist, Animal Assisted Therapy instructor since 2005. Since 2017 licensed evaluator of Human-Dog teams in Pet Partners Organization (USA).  Experienced therapist and educator in AAI with children. Since 2016 co-author of the dog-assisted therapy program for Alzheimer patients. Trainer in AAI courses for proffesionals. Co-author of international AAI handbooks.

We are waiting for confirmation from other speakers.

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